MUD Talks: Stefan Kapicic



In addition to receiving an educated approach to make-up, students at MUD Make-Up Designory have the honor of hearing amazing guest speakers weekly. From award-winning make-up artists, to directors, to actors, MUD makes sure their students have a 360-degree understanding of the industry that they’ve made their passion.

When students are just starting out in the industry, it’s potentially intimidating or overwhelming to go from being in the classroom to being on set. Stefan did an incredible job of showing the students that actors are just like they are — somebody who took a chance and followed their passion.

Stefan is probably best known for his work as Colossus in Deadpool, a role which he says was like, “my inner child got the Academy Award.”

sk3Stefan speaking to students at MUD.

No stranger to make-up, Stefan, who got his start as a theater actor, knows just how magical the craft truly is. “Make-up makes your character more beautiful, more crazy, whatever! That’s the power.” When asked what make-up means to him, Stefan’s response was simple: Everything. 

He also threw in a nod to his Deadpool co-star, Ryan Reynolds, joking about how the film’s make-up department should have been nominated for an Oscar for making an “extremely attractive guy” into the “avocado” known as Wade Wilson. The comic book aficionado congratulated Suicide Squad on their Oscar win.

20th Century Fox Presents the New York Fan Event for Stefan and the cast of Deadpool at the premiere.

During our guest speaker chats, MUD makes sure to livestream on both Instagram and Facebook for viewers who can’t make it to campus. Got a question? Great! If you post it in the comments, we’ll ask it! Speaking of, Stefan added how he likes to chat it up with his make-up artists while he’s in their chair and added that “silence is creepy.”

After he finished speaking and answering questions from the students, Stefan stayed on the MUD campus for a bit taking photos and even speaking for a student’s podcast!

Thank you for taking the time to come to campus and speak with our students, Stefan! It was great to learn about the industry through an actor’s eyes. We know the students were inspired to keep following their passion and become the make-up artists they were born to be and in the words of Colossus, “four or five moments, that’s all it takes…”

Want to see our full interview with Stefan? No problem. Check it out here.
In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at some behind the scenes action with Stefan:

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